Custom hanger production is our specialty. We have advanced production equipment, and is equipped with a professional hanger designer. Customers can choose according to their own requirements, making the hanger of the materials, accessories, color, technology and so on. Intention for each customer unique custom racks is our pursuit.

Designer styles and customizable hanger options

We have  professional designers, providing the best solutions for our customers.
We focus on the details of the clothes racks, which are accurate to the exact details of the clothes hangers, to create the hangers our customers need.

  • Logo Printing

  • Laser Engraving

  • Notches

  • Anti-Slip

  • Initial Monograms

  • Metal Plates

  • Clear, Stained or Painted

  • Maple, Walnut, Cedar, Bamboo or Hardwood

  • Small, Large, Extra Wide or Oversized

  • Colors include Brown, Blonde, Black, White, Silver and more

  • Flocked

  • Rubber Gripped

  • Flat / Straight

  • Curved / Contoured

  • Locking Drop Pant Bars

  • Cushioned Clips

  • 8 to 22 inch size

  • Brass or Chrome Hardware

  • Steel Metal, Wood or Padded

  • Styles for Tops, Bottoms, Suits or Coats

  • Sized for Babies, Children, Teens or Adult Men and Women